Captain Haiti Foundation secures $5M for community tokenization

Captain Haiti Foundation raises $5M to secure affordable housing for residents through blockchain initiatives

The Captain Haiti Foundation, a charitable trust, has announced a successful $5 million raise to combat the housing crisis and gentrification in the Haitian community in Miami. Private equity firm Dargent Group sponsored the initiative, which aims to leverage blockchain technologies. The foundation’s chairman, Nandy Martin, also known as Captain Haiti, plans to utilize the funds to help residents secure affordable housing, land, and commercial real estate in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood.

The partnership between the Captain Haiti Foundation and the Dargent Group intends to make a significant impact on the community. Martin envisions the Little Haiti Walls initiative, inspired by the success of Wynwood’s Wall, attracting approximately 150,000 tourists annually. This influx of visitors would stimulate local businesses and foster cultural exchange, providing a boost to the neighborhood’s economy.

To kickstart the project, Martin will collaborate with Nusic, a web3 music infrastructure provider, to release a limited edition geo-located music non-fungible token (NFT) collection. Collectors of these NFTs will gain first-option real estate purchase rights. Furthermore, the Captain Haiti Foundation plans to raise $300,000 to enhance the aesthetics of Little Haiti. Thirty percent of the funds will be allocated to community cleanups, public art installations, and green spaces, known as the “Little Haiti Walls.”

Martin’s efforts to revitalize the Little Haiti community began two years ago when he secured support from Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson and Miami District Commissioner Jeffrey Watson. At that time, Watson granted $200,000 to 40 local businesses for importing Haitian products. Meanwhile, Martin created the Little Haiti Coin on the Cardano blockchain, offering discounts for Haitian imports.

Recognized for his distinctive shield and cape outfit inspired by Captain America, Martin passionately advocates against the growing gentrification in his neighborhood, which has resulted in unaffordable housing and forced emigration. In a letter of support, he implores community members to help preserve the Little Haiti Wall project, which serves as a crucial promoter of cultural understanding and appreciation. Martin believes that preserving the artistic and cultural heritage of Little Haiti is vital for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

The Captain Haiti Foundation’s $5 million raise marks a significant step forward in addressing the housing crisis and gentrification issues in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood. By leveraging blockchain technology, the foundation aims to empower residents and foster sustainable development, ensuring the preservation of the community’s cultural heritage for years to come.

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This could be you.

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