DevGAMM conference is heading to Lisbon this November

On November 16-17 DevGAMM will gather all the industry leaders, and enthusiasts in the vibrant city of Lisbon, to get a refined gamedev experience by the Atlantic Ocean.

DevGAMM, an international gamedev conference, is coming to Lisbon for the first time and will take place in the Oitavos Luxury Hotel, Cascais, Portugal. The event will be held together with Indie X, the biggest indie game showcase in Portugal.

DevGAMM Lisbon 2023 boasts an impressive lineup of speakers. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights from industry luminaries, including:

  • Jonathan Blow, President of Thekla, Inc (the genius behind Braid and The Witness)
  • Warren Spector, Visionary at Otherside Entertainment (creator of Deus Ex)
  • Gabby Llanillo, QA Supervisor at Riot Games (known for Valorant)
  • Ilari Kuittinen, Studio Head at Housemarque (creators of Returnal)
  • Dennis Micka, Senior Game Designer at Guerrilla (known for Horizon Zero Dawn)
  • Moritz Lehr, Senior Quest Designer, CD PROJEKT RED (worked on Cyberpunk 2077)
  • Sarah Beaulieu, Narrative Director, Ubisoft (worked on Assassin’s Mirage)

… and more!

The attendees can also meet with platforms, which include Xbox, Meta, Google, and more. The program also includes panel discussions and roundtable discussions are yet to be announced.

The conference will be full of games activities for developers. Here’s a sneak peek at them:

Game Showcase

DevGAMM Lisbon 2023 will feature an extensive Game Showcase with Portuguese and international games, where developers can present their projects, and attendees can get hands-on experience.

Public Pitch

Games activity where the developers can try their elevator pitch to publishers live and get feedback.

Steam Event & Sale

It’s a spotlight of present and past finalists of Indie X where the developers can have an opportunity to be presented with their projects, and the attendees, in their turn, can gain insights into the inner workings of devs.

Deadline for Game Showcase,Public Pitch, Steam Event & Sale is October 1.

Indie X Awards

The game developers competition with 50 finalists! An exclusive live-streamed indie games spotlight on RTP Arena, by Portugal’s public TV network.

The conference will also host several VIP private dinners, parties and more. Learn more information on the website. Tickets are still available.

Editor’s note

DevGAMM, an international game development conference, is a US-registered company located in Bellevue, WA. Initially born in Ukraine in 2008, its team is now 100% remote, collaborating from eight different countries around the world.

Reach us through our website or official channels for more information.

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