Fleek Network Announces Successful Completion of Testnet Phase 1

Brooklyn, New York, November 8th, 2023, Chainwire 

Decentralized edge platform Fleek Network has announced the completion of Phase 1 of its testnet. The milestone week-long trial proved a major success, demonstrating the potential performance of its edge network for the first time.

More than 5,000 nodes participated in Fleek’s Testnet Phase 1, forming a highly performant CDN/edge platform capable of matching Web2 analogs. During the course of testing, the edge network achieved 70ms TTFB (Time to First Byte) globally and as low as 25ms TTFB in certain key geographies.

In addition to demonstrating that a decentralized network can match incumbent solutions for latency, the week-long testnet achieved a number of other goals. Significantly, Fleek’s edge network was created and operated without utilizing any Web2 infrastructure or augmentation.

Another key achievement to emerge is proof that a handshake can occur in a decentralized setting without introducing latency. Because Web2 CDN/edge networks control all of the servers they utilize, the client and server have no need to prove their identity. Operating in a decentralized environment, Fleek requires a special handshake between connecting servers and clients. During the testnet, this process was completed with less than 1ms latency on average.

The evolution of the web has seen infrastructure demands gravitate from the cloud to the edge, where latency is lower to match the growing demands of global internet users. Fleek Network aims to create the most performant edge platform with the best global coverage that can be leveraged by everybody building on the web.

The 5,000 nodes that participated in Fleek’s first testnet were distributed around the world including a presence on every major continent. Fleek Network was able to efficiently organize these into clusters to optimize for latency. This arrangement has been designed to provide redundancy, using a deterministic algorithm that accounts for incomplete data in the event of bad actors or missing values.

Having demonstrated its vision of a decentralized edge network that can operate to specification, Fleek Network has a strong foundation to build upon. Equipped with valuable real-world test data, it will accelerate the development of its protocol and introduce further performance optimizations. Further information on the road to mainnet will be announced as Fleek moves closer to launching the world’s first fully decentralized edge network.

About Fleek Network 

Fleek Network is a decentralized edge platform optimized to facilitate the deployment and running of highly-performant web services. Fleek’s network of edge nodes allows developers to frictionlessly create a multitude of edge services that inherit cryptographically and economically secured infrastructure. Fleek Network’s goal is to provide a platform that all web projects, protocols, middleware, services, and apps can benefit from to achieve greater performance, lower cost, and increased verifiability. Fleek raised a $25M Series A led by Polychain Capital in October 2022.

Learn more: https://fleek.network/ / https://whitepaper.fleek.network/


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