Hero Shooter Citizen Conflict Unleashes Limited NFT Drop on Magic Eden

Esports-driven hero shooter Citizen Conflict by QORPO Game Studio announces the launch of highly limited NFT drop ZODIAC “Magic Angel” on Magic Eden, following up on the astounding success of “Become the Citizen” hero avatars. This time, Citizen Conflict is heading toward the anticipated Alpha 4.0 release, offering players a special way to embark on the high-octane fury of dystopian battles.

ZODIAC “Magic Angel” Drop Overview:

  • 3 Exclusive Skins for a fan-favorite hero Zodiac
  • Cyberpunk-inspired graphics and esports-ready gameplay
  • Playable in-game character with custom VFX & Voiceovers
  • Lifetime Access to Citizen Conflict
  • $QORPO Token Airdrop
  • 10x in-game loot boxes

Citizen Conflict Alpha 4.0 lands rough and Epic on Magic Eden

After three successful public runs of previous Alpha releases endorsed by $10k esports tournaments, the QORPO team is “all guns out” with their most ambitious Citizen Conflict build yet. The anticipated Alpha 4.0 release will grace Epic Store and honor all the supportive fans with the iconic NFT drop on Magic Eden.

According to the DAO voting in the QORPO WORLD platform, fans have crowned Zodiac, a vengeful cyborg, their most beloved and revered Citizen Conflict hero of all time. No wonder Zodiac’s jet pack and sharpshooting capabilities earned him the honor of becoming immortalized on the Magic Eden in his three trailblazing skin variants. Though not an angel, Zodiac has indeed grown some wings.

Yellow “Sunfire” Zodiac Edition: Common

The common skin of Zodiac offers a 60% drop chance, and the vibrant color of this menacing cyborg to help you dominate the battle arenas once the Citizen Conflict Alpha 4.0 is live. To your foes: Don’t dare too close to the sun lest you get burned!

Red “Ember Surge” Zodiac Edition: Rare

Rare Ember Surge edition incarnated the power of devastating wildfire within Zodiac’s teched-up body. Players enjoy a 30% drop chance to own Zodiac in his violently red self.

Pink “Magic Angel” Zodiac Edition: Epic

Zodiac will also arise in the colors of Magic Eden as an unholy angel ready to exterminate anyone daring to meet him in the arena. Coming in 10% drop chance, Zodiac Magic Angel is truly an Epic contribution to your Citizen Conflict NFT collection.

ZODIAC “Magic Angel” Drop Utilities

Playable in-game Character

Step into the battlefield and witness the dynamic powers of your “Magic Angel” Zodiac character in action! Be the inaugural specialist of Hackhunters, seizing the role of the arena master with unparalleled abilities.

Custom VFX

Enhance your character with visually stunning effects that dynamically manifest with every action your character takes.

Custom Voiceover

Infuse your character with a distinctive voice that seamlessly blends with the enchanting atmosphere of Magic Eden.

Citizen Conflict Lifetime Access

Embrace the role of the Citizen and dive into the game! Gain immediate and unrestricted access to all Citizen Conflict Alpha releases. Immerse yourself in gameplay, hone your skills, and vie for substantial rewards in the upcoming esports competitions.

Tournament Gateway

Following the success of its inaugural esports tournament, Citizen Conlift is gearing up for another event. Owners of Citizen NFTs will get the chance to contend for valuable prizes. The prize pool for the previous tournament even surpassed an impressive milestone of $10,000.

Iconic Rarity Value

Citizen Conflict: Zodiac “Magic Angel” is a restricted NFT in-game character set consisting of 2,222 pieces, marking the inaugural collection of in-game characters in the history of Citizen Conflict.

Become an early $QORPO holder with Airdrop

Individuals can secure early QORPO holdings at no cost by possessing an item from the limited NFT collection, presenting a generous likelihood of earning enticing rewards.

10x Epic In-Game Treasures

Upon obtaining your character, gain access to a bonus of 10 in-game rewards, which can be claimed for free by depositing the NFT into the QORPO World!

How to get it all and beyond

Don’t miss out on a chance to become an early owner of your piece of Citizen Conflict history. Get your Zodiac “Magic Angel” for 39 MATIC on Magic Eden to enjoy all the premium utilities listed above. But this is not where it ends. Before the hungry gorge of battle arenas opens up again, deposit Zodiac on QORPO WORLD and get the 10 most valuable Epic Loot Boxes for free. The drop starts on Nov 14th, 4 PM UTC!

Original Release: https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/hero-shooter-citizen-conflict-unleashes-limited-nft-drop-on-magic-eden 

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