Investors Exercise Caution, Seek Quality in Web3 Gaming Ventures – Animoca Brands CEO 

Animoca Brands CEO, Robby Yung, says there is an increase in due diligence among investors in Web3 gaming sector

The cryptocurrency market has been experiencing a phase known as ‘crypto winter,’ casting a discerning light on the investment trends within the Web3 gaming sphere. Animoca Brands CEO, Robby Yung, sheds light on this evolving dynamic, pinpointing a marked increase in due diligence among investors in the sector. The emphasis has notably shifted towards backing mature projects spearheaded by adept and passionate teams, ensuring a precise market fit before channeling capital into ventures.

Despite this cautious stride, Yung acknowledges the continued fundraising activities within the Web3 gaming sector, illustrating a pronounced ‘flight to quality’ among investors. This cautious optimism is reflective of the resilience within the sector, even as the broader crypto market faces turbulent waters. The second half of 2023, as Yung mentions, has witnessed a flurry of deals, underscoring the enduring allure of quality projects amidst a cautious investment landscape.

However, the journey is not without hurdles. A significant challenge pinpointed by Yung is the bottleneck in user acquisition. This snag is chiefly attributed to the hesitation among mainstream gaming platforms towards listing games that leverage Web3 infrastructure. This reluctance springs from a lack of clarity regarding the implications of integrating Web3 infrastructure into their existing offerings, coupled with fears of potential disruption to their business models.

Yung’s observations hint at a broader narrative unfolding within the gaming industry, where the interplay between blockchain technology and gaming is carving out new paradigms. The hesitance from mainstream platforms like Steam, EA, and Epic Games, stems from a knee-jerk reaction to the disruptive potential of Web3 technology, which, according to Yung, hampers these players from exploring and understanding the myriad possibilities this integration could offer.

As the narrative around Web3 gaming investment trends continues to unfold, stakeholders within the sector are navigating through the market intricacies with a cautious yet optimistic lens. The scenario underscores the burgeoning intersection between blockchain technology and the gaming industry, highlighting the potential for synergistic relationships that could propel the sector into new dimensions of growth and innovation.

Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/web3-gaming-investors-more-discerning-animoca-robby-yung 

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/white-and-orange-game-controller-nD2BjSLt0uE

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