Luxury smartphone brand, VERTU, unveils METAVERTU2: The world’s most intelligent Web3 phone

As a pioneer in smartphone technology, VERTU introduced the world’s first Web3 phone last year. Building on this groundbreaking innovation, VERTU has merged Web3 technology with AI, creating METAVERTU2: a device that is not just intelligent but also highly secure. Through extensive storage capacity, AI model tagging data, and AI agents managing tasks, METAVERTU2 has been meticulously crafted to be more than just a phone; it’s an AI companion, aptly named “One More Brain.”

AI and Web3.0 Address User Data Privacy Concerns

Artificial intelligence is propelling humanity into an era of comprehensive intelligence. Explosively emerging AI tools like ChatGPT are at the forefront of this revolution. METAVERTU2 utilizes Web3.0 blockchain technology as a security foundation, with dual AI models running in parallel and a fusion of large and small models. This ensures a delicate balance between user experience and privacy protection. By integrating global knowledge with personal data, METAVERTU2 creates a learned “Second Brain” that resonates with human thought patterns. It not only analyzes problems from your perspective but also conceals thoughts akin to a biological brain. METAVERTU2 offers users truly private and personalized AI experiences, bringing the sci-fi concept of a personal AI assistant from movies into reality.

Beyond simplifying tasks, METAVERTU2’s AI assistant assists with everyday challenges like trip planning, birthday reminders, and gift selection. Moreover, METAVERTU2 customizes a virtual companion for each user, akin to Samantha in the movie “Her.” Additionally, METAVERTU2 features a personal assistant button for seamless switching between real people and AI butlers.

One Device, Three Systems: Tailored Security for Every User

In METAVERTU2, VERTU’s encrypted system, METASPACE, has been enhanced to allow distinct fingerprint locks for different systems. This creates individual privacy systems for storing personal information, enabling one mobile phone to operate three systems, including four WeChats. Additional features such as one-click destruction and timed restoration offer personalized and secure mobile experiences.

The incorporation of TEE+SE chips and core hardware encryption ensures paramount protection. Alongside the existing 20+ year-old point-to-point encrypted calls, METAVERTU2 introduces point-to-point absolute privacy storage VBOX and distributed encrypted blockchain private key backup technology KEYBOX. These advancements safeguard information and assets from malicious tampering or theft, fortifying the device against hacker attacks. Users can enjoy their digital lives with peace of mind and freedom.

Flagship Luxury: Cutting-Edge Technology Meets British Elegance

METAVERTU2 not only sets trends in smart technology but also embodies sophistication in performance and design. Powered by the cutting-edge Snapdragon 8 Gen2 chip, equipped with an oversized 4233mm2 synthetic VC for enhanced heat dissipation, users can indulge in high-load applications and games without worry. The device boasts a 5100mAh ultra-large-capacity battery and 65W ultra-fast charging, alleviating battery anxiety.

In terms of design, METAVERTU2 continues the spirit of Haute Couture from London’s Savile Row. Crafted with imported rare leather materials equivalent to Birkin bags and 316L surgical stainless steel comparable to Swiss luxury watches, the smartphone is available in four variants, including one carbon fiber and three crocodile leather editions. Prices range from $5100 for the carbon fiber edition to $8100 for the crocodile leather editions. For enthusiasts, MTO advanced customization options offer various premium leathers, rare metals, and precious gemstones, allowing endless customization possibilities. METAVERTU2 is not just a powerful phone; it’s a luxurious fashion accessory that showcases your taste and uniqueness.

A Fusion of AI and Web3: Elevating Smart Devices and User Relationships

Built upon the foundation of its predecessor, METAVERTU2 seamlessly integrates AI technology with decentralized Web3 technologies, creating a thoughtful and highly private AI phone. At the METAVERTU2 launch event, we witness its intellectual expansion, capability upgrades, and emotional companionship. This advancement redefines the relationship between users and smart devices, injecting new vitality into the mobile phone industry. Soon, everyone might have their own omnipotent butler in the form of an AI phone.

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Original Release: https://cointelegraph.com/press-releases/luxury-smartphone-brand-vertu-unveils-metavertu2-the-worlds-most-intelligent-web3-phone 

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/closeup-photo-of-smartphone-qYxi-4mImCE 

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