MultiversX adopts spatial computing, sets vision for scalable metaverse

MultiversX announced robust technical enhancements signaling its commitment to spatial computing

The metaverse, a concept that recently seized the limelight with big tech companies like Meta and Apple diving in, is undergoing a defining transition. While Meta has wholeheartedly embraced virtual reality (VR), Apple has sided with a spatial computing model, emphasizing augmented reality (AR). Both strategies have stirred debates about the true essence of the metaverse experience.

Beniamin Mincu, the CEO of MultiversX, a blockchain-centric metaverse platform, opines that Apple’s spatial computing avenue aligns more authentically with the metaverse’s vision. According to Mincu, spatial computing provides a holistic, interactive experience within the virtual realm. In contrast, he sees Meta’s VR-based approach as too restricted, only engaging users in a single virtual dimension.

In a chat with Cointelegraph’s Zhiyuan Sun, Mincu highlighted that the real game-changer is viewing devices as spatial computing tools. It’s a fresh perspective that Apple is pioneering. It’s not just about entering another world; it’s about how you interact within it.

For the uninitiated, spatial computing enables seamless interactions with 3D data, encompassing a myriad of tech areas like augmented reality, virtual reality, AI, and more. It’s fundamentally about devices intuitively resonating with real-world objects and spaces.

In light of this, MultiversX announced robust technical enhancements on October 19th, signaling its commitment to this spatial computing trajectory. These upgrades are projected to boost transaction speeds by sevenfold, ensuring quicker confirmations. Additionally, they’ll introduce on-chain governance, a revamped virtual machine, and a novel relayed transaction model, facilitating a smoother user experience and allowing network tokens to cover gas expenditures.

The strides MultiversX is making in spatial computing not only position the platform at the forefront of metaverse innovation but also echo the evolving narrative of what the metaverse should ideally represent.

Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/multiverse-x-eyes-metaverse-scalability-ceo-spatial-computing 

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/happy-couple-holding-hands-while-experiencing-the-virtual-reality-metaverse-beautiful-woman-and-man-with-a-vr-headset-jklW_CqGyGA 

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