Square Enix Ventures into Blockchain Gaming with Symbiogenesis

An insight into the upcoming Ethereum-based game

Square Enix, renowned for the Final Fantasy series, is set to launch its first blockchain game, Symbiogenesis, in the Ethereum ecosystem. Dubbed a “digital collectible art project,” this story-driven browser game is set in a world where humanity lives on a floating continent, threatened by a massive dragon. The game’s unique feature is that its ending isn’t predetermined; instead, three players will have the opportunity to shape the game’s climax.

Players can engage with Symbiogenesis for free, following the main storyline without needing to mint NFTs. However, owning an NFT character unlocks additional gameplay elements. Unlike traditional NFT mints, these will be released in limited quantities alongside each new story chapter, revealing more of the game world.

In Symbiogenesis, players can experience six narrative chapters, with missions and quests forming the core gameplay. Missions are accessible to all and help unlock the storyline, while quests are more complex, often requiring teamwork. The game also features a variety of tabs like Daily Rewards, Missions, and Collections, where players can manage their NFTs and convert in-game items into NFTs.

The game introduces three synthetic currencies: Slot Release Points (SP), Replica Issue Points (RP), and Conversion Points (CP), each serving different functions like unlocking story sections or converting items into NFTs.

In conclusion, Symbiogenesis marks Square Enix’s foray into blockchain gaming, offering a unique mix of storytelling, collectible art, and community-driven gameplay. Its scheduled release in December has created anticipation among gaming and crypto enthusiasts​​.

Source: https://decrypt.co/206152/symbiogenesis-preview-everything-you-need-know-square-enix-nft-game 

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