The Great Blockchain Game Shift: Why Are Crypto Games Changing Lanes?

The dilemma facing blockchain gaming today

The blockchain gaming industry, a sector at the confluence of gaming and cryptocurrency technology, is currently undergoing significant shifts. This opinion piece delves into the recent trends, challenges, and ethical considerations faced by this nascent industry, drawing insights from various credible sources.

In the past month, a notable phenomenon in the blockchain gaming world has been the switching of platforms by many games or their complete shutdown. This trend is a reflection of deeper underlying issues within the industry.

Challenges and Shifts in Blockchain Gaming

One of the major hurdles faced by the industry is user adoption. According to a report by the Blockchain Game Alliance, about 51% of respondents identified player onboarding accessibility as the biggest challenge. This is compounded by the fact that blockchain gaming concepts are not fully understood by market participants, and there’s a perception that these games are complex and inaccessible. Additionally, 37.2% of respondents cited poor gameplay as a significant issue, up from being the fifth most cited challenge in 2021​.

The “Play-to-Earn” (P2E) model, which has seen a surge in popularity, particularly in countries like the Philippines during the pandemic, is also facing scrutiny. These games, which blend gaming with earning potential through cryptocurrency and NFTs, have raised questions about sustainability and ethical implications. For instance, the high cost of entry in some games and the reliance of players on these games for income have sparked debates about the responsibilities of developers towards their player base. The instability of game economies and the risks of project collapses, often termed as ‘rug pulls’ or ‘rug slips’, further complicate this landscape​​.

Ethical Considerations

The ethical dilemmas in blockchain gaming are becoming increasingly prominent. The notion of games being seen as investments raises questions about the developers’ responsibilities. Should a game that’s designed for players to earn money have a different set of ethical standards compared to traditional games? This is a particularly poignant question when players start depending on these games for a living wage. The sudden wealth accrued by indie developers and the challenges in managing complex game economies add another layer of complexity to this issue​​.

Industry’s Response and Future Directions

Despite these challenges, there is a growing awareness within the industry. Developers are increasingly recognizing the need to create more engaging and accessible games while also grappling with the ethical implications of their business models. The industry is showing signs of maturing, with a greater focus on addressing these challenges in a responsible manner.


The blockchain gaming industry is at a crossroads, with significant potential for growth but also facing critical challenges that need to be addressed. The industry’s ability to navigate these issues, particularly around user accessibility, gameplay quality, and ethical considerations, will likely determine its future trajectory.

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RISC Zero, the Industry-Leading Developer of General Purpose Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Technology, Open Sources Three Technological Innovations Under Apache2 License

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