Unleashing Blockchain: A New Horizon in Copyright Administration

Law expert delves into blockchain’s potential to redefine intellectual property management

In a recent scholarly endeavor, Professor Peter Yu from Texas A&M University School of Law unveils the revolutionary prospects blockchain technology holds for copyright administration. The study meticulously explores how blockchain, with its immutable characteristic, emerges as a strong contender for integration within the intellectual property realm, presenting a radical shift in how copyright data is managed both domestically and on a global scale.

Blockchain’s unique feature, where once a transaction is recorded it becomes virtually unalterable, is particularly beneficial for copyright systems. This technology can provide a reliable method to ascertain the status of a particular copyright record, such as determining whether a copyright has transitioned into the public domain or become orphaned. The immutability of blockchain ensures a robust and trustworthy environment for registering copyrights, storing ownership, and managing licensing records.

Moreover, the study highlights three pivotal advantages of blockchain: traceability, transparency, and disintermediation. Traceability allows for the monitoring of the entire lifecycle of a copyright registration on the ledger from inception. Transparency is enhanced as this information becomes accessible to the public via blockchain explorers or similar platforms, a feature not available through traditional server-based record systems.

Disintermediation, the third advantage, underscores blockchain’s capability to function independently of a governing body. This aspect supports global cooperation in managing intellectual property even in the absence of government or intergovernmental body involvement. Professor Yu envisions a new paradigm where an artist or business-led copyright system could thrive, with intellectual property being registered and mediated independently of state interference.

The profound insights from Professor Yu’s research beckon a promising future for copyright management. As blockchain technology continues to mature, its adoption in the intellectual property sector could set a precedent for a more transparent, efficient, and globally cooperative copyright administration landscape.

Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/law-professor-blockchain-tech-revolutionize-copyright-intellectual-property 

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/man-in-gray-notched-lapel-blazer-ixI_NuSzI1U 

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