Worldcoin launches gas-free crypto wallet

Worldcoin, a human ID project, announced the launch of its new gas-free crypto wallet, World App

The Worldcoin project has recently announced the launch of its new gas-free crypto wallet, World App, exclusively for humans. Worldcoin is a project that identifies humans and tells them apart from Artificial Intelligence (AI). The wallet offers a streamlined and simple interface, making it an ideal option for novice crypto users who find traditional wallets too complex.

The World App is currently available on Android and iOS operating systems, running on the Polygon network. It supports a range of coins, including United States Dollar Coin, Dai, Ether Worldcoin, and Wrapped Bitcoin. The wallet operates using the World ID protocol, which verifies a user’s humanness through zero-knowledge proofs.

Users who wish to use the World App’s gas-free transfers must first register for a World ID by supplying a phone number or iris scan. According to Worldcoin developers, the project does not store users’ data but instead generates a zero-knowledge proof to verify the user’s humanness without revealing any personal information.

Even users who do not have a World ID can still use the app, but they will not have access to gas-free transactions. The World App relies on account abstraction to allow third-party gas payment.

The project has partnered with regulated crypto exchanges, including Moonpay and Ramp, to provide onboarding and offboarding services within the wallet. Once coins are held in the wallet, they can be swapped through built-in Uniswap integration. Users can also connect their phone numbers to the app to send and receive crypto through phone contacts.

Tiago Sada, a Worldcoin Core team member, explained that the wallet was designed to offer a user-friendly option for inexperienced crypto users. “We’re launching World App as a product so that there is this alternative wallet that is focused just on simplicity,” he said.

Worldcoin, co-founded by Sam Altman, also a co-founder of OpenAI, aims to distinguish humans from artificial intelligence. The World App is the latest addition to its suite of products designed to achieve this goal.

Worldcoin’s new gas-free crypto wallet, World App, provides a straightforward and easy-to-use option for novice crypto users. By utilizing the World ID protocol, World App ensures that only humans have access to gas-free transfers, providing an added layer of security. With its diverse coin offerings and integration with regulated crypto exchanges, World App is poised to become a top choice for those seeking a hassle-free crypto wallet experience.

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